Your Very First Dental Visit at InStyle Dental

At InStyle Dental we strive to make your first dental visit as comforting and welcoming as can be.  We love seeing new faces and are always eager to put a smile on people’s faces. The following are what to expect at your first dental visit.


Greetings and Paperwork

-Our awesome front desk receptionists will greet you.

-You will be asked to complete our New Patient Registration Forms so please

arrive 20 minutes earlier than your appointment so you have time to complete

your paperwork.

-Dental insurances will be confirmed if needed.

-Deductibles, Copays, or patient’s portion will be collected if required prior to

seeing the dentist.

-Saving Time Tips: Access your New Patient Registration Forms now.  You can

either email them to or simply bring them along with

you to your first visit.



You will then be greeted by our registered dental assistant and escorted to our Digital Panoramic Room for a panoramic radiograph. Here you will be asked to take off any jewelry or head accessories that might interfere with taking a digital panoramic radiograph.

After taking our Digital Panoramic Radiograph you will then be guided to an operatory room to take single x-rays within your mouth.  If at any time during the x-ray process you have a concern or question please don’t hesitate to ask us, your comfort is of great important to us.


Oral Examination

After your x-rays, you will then be taken to our relaxing and entertaining dental room to have your oral exam initiated.

The dentist will evaluate your teeth and evaluate the x-rays that were just taken.

The dentist will then discuss any problems relating to your teeth or gums with you.

When acceptable, a normal dental cleaning can be performed.


Treatment Planning

After your oral examination, a dental treatment plan will be formed to cater your dental needs.  The dentist will go over the dental treatment plan with you first. After reviewing the treatment plan with your dentist, the front desk receptionist will present the treatment plan for a second time, discuss dental fees, discuss financing and options with you.  Please feel free to ask any questions during the treatment plan process.



After the front desk receptionist has discussed the treatment plan, an appointment will be scheduled for your dental treatment.

Same day treatment can be requested if there is adequate time on our schedule and if there are no medical, financing, or authorization restrictions.


Success to Your First Dental Visit

Congratulations, you have successfully completed your first dental visit.  Your first dental visit we will strive to gain your trust and treat you with compassion.  We will be looking forward to seeing you back.


Additional Tips

If you are pregnant please have your OBGYN fill out our Pregnant Medical Release Form prior to your first dental visit. We will be unable to see you without this form filled out.

A child may not be seen without their legal parents, legal guardians, or Power of Attorney. If legal authority transfer is to be considered, a consent must be filled out. Ask our front desk receptionist if you have any questions regarding this matter.

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